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How to Choose Filter Press

Apr 28,2022

How to Choose Filter Press


(1) Requirements for the solid content of the mud cake. In general, plate and frame filter presses have the highest solids content in the mud cake compared to other types of dehydrators. If you consider the factor of reducing the amount of land occupied by sludge stacking, you can choose a plate and frame filter press.


(2) The material of the filter press frame.


(3) Material of recessed filter plate and filter cloth. Corrosion resistance is required, and the filter cloth must have a certain tensile strength.


(4) How to move the chamber filter plate. It is required to realize fully automatic or semi-automatic through hydraulic pneumatic device, reducing the labor intensity of the operator.


(5) The filter cloth shaking device makes the filter cake fall off easily. Compared with other types of dehydrators, the biggest disadvantage of plate and frame filter presses is the large footprint.

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