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What is a slurry pump:

Our slurry pump is high pressure hydraulic ceramic piston pump, according to material, its could be cast iron slurry pump and stainless steel slurry pump. It's designed for transporting think slurry to feed the filter presses or spray-dryers.

Slurry Pump Type: 

According to function, it could be normal hydraulic piston pump, variable flow slurry pump, and frequency conversion slurry pump.

How Slurry Pump Work:

The slurry piston pump assembly creates a certain fluid delivery and keeps it to the pressure level necessary for the filter press or spray-dryers.

Slurry Piston Pump Main Parts:

The slurry piston pump is formed by two cylinders with porcelain piston, by suction and delivery valves, by an air tank and by a manometer, which is placed on the fluid delivery line to check the fluid pressure.

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