Hydraulic Filter Press
  • How to Produce Filter Plate
    May 16, 2022

    How to Produce Filter PlateGenerally, the main components of the current plastic filter plateare polypropylene (C3H6nCAS), antioxidant, glass fiber, curing agent and other raw materials. After pre-treatment, breaking and mixing, the various components are evenly distributed. Let the polypropylene raw material be heated and melted. At 260°C~280°C, the polypropylene is stirred, heated and expanded to form a polypropylene viscous liquid. After 20~30 minutes of heating, the polypropylene viscous liquid will be It's time for the next styling.The shape of the filter plate is the abrasive tool used, so before manufacturing the filter plate of the filter press, it is necessary to make the required filter plate mold of the filter press. Different sizes, thicknesses, and styles will have different casting molds. The polypropylene liquid is introduced into the mold, and the upper mold is pressed by a hydraulic press of several tens of MPa, so that there is no air hole in the middle of the manufactured filter plate, which increases the compactness of the filter plate. Then fix the upper and lower molds, remove the hydraulic press, store it at room temperature, wait for it to cool down, and fix the form.The filter plate of such a filter press is basically completed. After the filter plate is cooled, a little processing will be done. Such as making water holes, upper handles, deburring, watering, etc. This is such that the filter plate can be placed on the beam of the filter press, and the filter cloth can be used.

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  • Membrane Filter Press Advantage
    Apr 28, 2022

    There is a press water inlet hole on the diaphragm filter plate, and a water inlet pipe is installed on the right side of the diaphragm filter press. The water inlet joint is welded on the water inlet pipe. The squeezing pump sends water to the water inlet pipe on the right side of the diaphragm filter press. There are holes in the middle of the diaphragm filter plate. After the water enters, the diaphragm plate expands up and down, and squeezes the mud cake on the chamber filter plate to achieve secondary pressing.There is a liquid outlet hole under the diaphragm filter plate, which is connected with the round holes on both sides of the filter plate to solve the problem of filtrate discharge.The high pressure diaphragm filter press is used in sludge, sewage treatment, and the moisture content of the filter cake is lower than 30%. Compared with the traditional box filter press, the solid content of the filter cake can be increased by more than 2 times. The filter cake can be directly burned in the power plant, turning the sludge into a resource.

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  • Why Filter Plate Not Sealing
    Apr 19, 2022

    Why Filter Plate Not SealingSince the filter chamber of the chamber filter press is formed by extruding and splicing filter plates one by one, and it is necessary to maintain a high-pressure working environment during filtration, naturally, whether it is solid or liquid inside, under the action of pressure, it has high efficiency. Internal energy, if the gap between the chamber filter plate and the chamber filter plate is a little weak or there is a little gap, it will cause the liquid with powerful internal ability to be ejected. The filter plate scours out a one-to-one jet path. With the accumulation of time, this jet path will become larger and larger, and there will be many gaps between the filter plate and the filter plate. The more gaps, the liquid is sprayed out. The more places there are, such a vicious circle will accelerate the damage of the recessed filter plate of the filter press, and finally lead to the fact that the filter plate of the filter press can no longer meet the basic conditions for the sealing of the filter press.

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