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Membrane Filter Press Advantage

Apr 28, 2022

There is a press water inlet hole on the diaphragm filter plate, and a water inlet pipe is installed on the right side of the diaphragm filter press. The water inlet joint is welded on the water inlet pipe. The squeezing pump sends water to the water inlet pipe on the right side of the diaphragm filter press. There are holes in the middle of the diaphragm filter plate. After the water enters, the diaphragm plate expands up and down, and squeezes the mud cake on the chamber filter plate to achieve secondary pressing.

There is a liquid outlet hole under the diaphragm filter plate, which is connected with the round holes on both sides of the filter plate to solve the problem of filtrate discharge.

The high pressure diaphragm filter press is used in sludge, sewage treatment, and the moisture content of the filter cake is lower than 30%. Compared with the traditional box filter press, the solid content of the filter cake can be increased by more than 2 times. The filter cake can be directly burned in the power plant, turning the sludge into a resource.

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