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How To Classify Filter Press

May 28,2020

Filter press is widely used in solid liquid separation. According to shape, structure and pressing pressure form, filter press has various of types.         

Shape Classification

According to shape, filter press can be divided into vertical filter press, belt filter press and horizontal filter press. The horizontal filter press plays a central role in these three types. The special features of this type of equipment are designed horizontally, Its filter chambers is formed by several filter plates and filter cloth,  which increases the filter volume of such equipment. If these filters plates are designed vertically, the filter press will become vertical type. For belt filter press, it is characterized by a long filter cloth on the device, which runs across the filter press and brings the filtered cakes out in a continuously. Therefore, such filter press is named belt filter press.

Structure Classification

According to structure classification: filter press can be divided into chamber filter press, plate and frame filter press, membrane filter press. Their main difference is the filter plates. For chamber filter press, its filter plates are recessed solid filter plates. For the plate and frame filter press, it is formed by a solid filter board and a hollow filter board interlaced. The membrane filter press is a solid filter plate and a hollow membrane filter plate interlaced. Since the hollow membrane filter plate is the same appearance as chamber filter press filter plate, so sometimes the membrane filter press is also mistaken for the chamber filter press.

Pressing Pressure Form

         Third, classification of pressing pressure forms: The normal The filter press requires a strong pressure for filtration, and the form of pressure generated by this pressure directly affects the stability of the filter press. The types of pressing pressure are manual, mechanical, and hydraulic. Therefore, it can be divided into manual filter press, jack filter press, mechanical filter press and hydraulic filter press. Now hydraulic filter press occupies most of the market share.

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