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Forcast of Filter Press and Ceramic Piston Pump Market Possibility

Sep 26,2020

Forcast of Filter Press and Ceramic Piston Pump Market Possibility 


      Nowadays, environment protection to reduce the pollution has become the urgent problem in the economy development. Because the recent environment pollution threaten the earth----The hometown of human being.

      At present, through the treatment of Nanxing filter press machine, the moisture content of the city slurry is 58%~70%, so it could be directly burnt, filled into the earth, made into brick, fiber material and so on. It will not cause the second pollution and will save the treatment cost.

     As one of the excellent solid-liquid separation equipment, its span and depth of application area are greatly developed.

      Through the analysing the advantage of the foreign filter press, Nanxing company finds out the difference and its own shortcoming and pointedly improves the products processing technology . Finally, Nanxing successfully developed the new pattern----horizontal filter press, which is the creature adapting to the market development. Therefor, the Market Possibility is very broad.


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