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How to Inquire Filter Press

Oct 12,2020

How to Inquire Filter Press 

1.       What’s the size of the particle in the slurry. If it’s big and hard, it will break the filter cloth, even the plates

2.       what’s the temperature of sludge.

3.       what’s the PH value of sludge. If it’s acid, it need our filter press made of stainless steel to prevent corruption.

4.       what’s the capacity of sludge you want to filter per one filtration, or how many cubic of slurry per day (8 Working Hours )

when we get this information, we will immediately help you select the suitable filter press and ceramic plunger pump model and send you quotation.


Filter Press and Piston Pump.jpg

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Stone Sewage Treatment Filter Press

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