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Sep 15,2020

Filter Press In Stone Wastewater Treatment

Taking the stone sewage treatment processing for example, in the past, the stone industry adopted the traditional way----depositing pool to deposit the solid and recycle the water. In this way, the depositing speed is very slow and it’s easy to lead to the overflow of the wastewater in the pool and pollute the environment. Then it will need frequent cleaning of the pool and the high moisture content of filtered cake. It also need to employ some workers to clean the stone powder. So it will lead to large waste of human source, things and finance and effect the production benefit.

However, by using the horizontal filter press, because filter press specialities, little residue in the filtered water, and the water could be recycled; the filtered cake of low moisture content could be directly sold to the hollow brick manufacturers to be the new material of hollow brick. This kind of hollow brick could be instead of solid brick to prompt the scientific development of construction industry.

The wide promotion and application of fully automatic filter press products allows saving a lot of human source, material and finance. If the stone price is 2.2USD per ton, it will covers the cost of equipment investment. It Not only protect the environment, but also turns waste into the treasure.  So it has good social and economy benefit. 

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