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/(Part4 )How to Keep Square Filter Plate Filter Press

(Part4 )How to Keep Square Filter Plate Filter Press

Sep 10,2020

Hydraulic Filter Press Question 9: Malfunction of plate shift shifter press


1. The driving system is jammed

2. Malfunction in the time relay

3. Malfunction of the plate shift system

4. Malfunction in the plate shift solenoid direction valve


1. Clean and adjust

2. Refer to Number 10

3. Repair or replace

4. Repair or replace


Plate Filter Press     Question 10 Malfunction in the time relay


1. Improper controlling time setting

2. Malfunction in the electric circuit

3. Damage in the time relay


1. Reset the controlling time

2. Repair or replace

3. Replace


Membrane Filter Press Question 11: Not enough air pressure


1. The membrane clip is loose

2. Breakage of the membrane

3. The air source isn’t enough


1. Adjust the clip

2. Replace the membrane

3. Adjust or repair


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