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(Part3 )How to Keep Square Filter Plate Filter Press

Aug 31,2020

How to Keep Square Filter Plate Filter Press (Part3 )

Q6: Filter plate breakage


1. The filtration pressure of plate filter press is too high

2. The slurry temperature is too high

3. The feeding hole of on the filter plate is blocked

4. The feeding speed is too fast

5. Breakage of the filter cloth


1. Adjust the filtration pressure

2. Replace with the high temperature endurable plate or cool the slurry before being feed into the chamber filter press

3. Clean up the feeding hole

4. Decrease the feeding speed

5. Replace the filter cloth

Q7: Can’t maintain the pressure properly


1. leakage in the oil hose

2. Defective sealing rings in piston rod

3. Malfunction in the hydraulic controlled check valve

4. Leakage in the safety valve


1. Repair the oil hose

2. Replace the sealing rings

3. Clean it with kerosene or replace it

4. Clean it with kerosene or replace it

Q8:No action of  closing or opening 


1. Not enough oil

2. Damage in the plunger pump

3. No action in the solenoid direction valve

4. The spring in the opening overflow valve is loose


1. Add oil

2. Replace

3. Re-connect the wire if it is circuit malfunction, wash or replace if it is the valve malfunction

4. Replace the spring 

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