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/(Part 2)How to Keep Square Filter Plate Filter Press

(Part 2)How to Keep Square Filter Plate Filter Press

Aug 21,2020

Question 3: 

Oil pressure is not enough


1. Wrong adjustment or damage on the overflow valve

2. Oil leakage inside the valve

3. Sealing O-ring abrasion in the cylinder

4. Leakage outside the hydraulic hose

5. Slow reaction of the solenoid direction valve

6. Damage in the plunger pump

7. Not enough oil


1. Readjust or replace

2. Readjust or replace

3. Replace O-ring

4. Repair or replace

5. Clean or replace

6. Replace

7. Add oil

Questions 4

Filter plate lift up


1. Incorrect foundation for the chamber filter press

2. Residues is not completely cleaned off on the chamber filter plate sealing surface

3. Inner ball pad deviation in the half circlip.


1. Amend the foundation

2. Clean up the residues

3. Adjust the adjusting bolt of under-part of the half circlip

Question 5:

Side bar distortion 


1. Roughness surface of the traverse foundation

2. The pp filter plates are placed in disorder

3. Not clean the residues completely


1. Install the traverse again

2. Arrange the recessed filter plates orderly

3. Clean up the residues

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