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Warning during Membrane Filter Press Operation

Aug 8,2020

Warning during Membrane Filter Press Operation

  • Before starting to work, make sure that the operation of the membrane filter press will not cause any danger.

●Do not turn on the touchable terminal of electrical control cabinet when electricity is set on, nor open the connection box. Otherwise, it will cause error operation or electroshock.

●Do not press “open” button to release the membrane filter plates until the feeding process is accomplished, or filtering slurry will leak out or even causes casualty.

●Please replace electric contact pressure gauge and overflow valve immediately, if they are damaged. Otherwise, the long-period super-high pressure condition of hydraulic power unit and oil cylinder will shorten those parts’ service life; lead to oil hose breakage, or even cylinder explosion.

●There is a possibility to cause explosion, as the oil cylinder and oil hose are under high-pressure working conditions. After the filter press is started, please don’t stand behind the oil cylinder. If there are any abnormal conditions, please press down the emergency stop button.

●The oil cylinder must do the inspection check according to the using frequency or set a reasonable time to do it. If there are any damages, please contact the manufacture for treatment or replacement.

●Keep hands away from diaphragm filter plates when closing or shifting the diaphragm filter plates, or it will cause injury to the operator. When settling filter cloth, please stop the PP filter plates closing or shifting state.

●Hydraulic units should not be disassembled when the hydraulic power unit is working, otherwise the hydraulic oil will spatter out to hurt personnel. The components only can be disassembled until the pressure of the hydraulic power unit is released. (Pressure ≤0.05Mpa)

●After squeezing, please release the squeezing media completely, it is not allowed to open the filter plate before the squeezing media release, otherwise, it will damage the membrane and filter plate, and injure of person.

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