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  • Stone Wastewater Treatment Sep 15 , 2020
    Filter Press In Stone Wastewater TreatmentTaking the stone sewage treatment processing for example, in the past, the stone industry adopted the traditional way----depositing pool to deposit the solid and recycle the water. In this way, the depositing speed is very slow and it’s easy to lead to the overflow of the wastewater in the pool and pollute the environment. Then it will need frequent c...
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  • What happens inside the filter press? Apr 15 , 2021
    What happens inside the filter press?During filtering, the filter plates forms several chambers. After filter press finishing preparation and hydraulic piston pump ready, start up filter press and pump, hydraulic ceramic piston pump will pump the slurry, feed slurry to the filter press chambers continuously with the pressure. During filtration, the water will be filtered out, mud will be...
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