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/(Part 1)How to Keep Square Filter Plate Filter Press

(Part 1)How to Keep Square Filter Plate Filter Press

Aug 15,2020

How to Keep Square Filter Plate Filter Press (Part 1)

Question 1: Leakage between the filter plates


1. Oil pressure is not enough.

2. Residues on the sealing surface of the filter plate.

3. Filter cloth is not smooth even folded

4. Filter plate distortion caused by using low temperature filter plate to a high working temperature condition

5. Too high filtration pressure or too big capacity of the filter press feeding pump


1. Refer to Number 3

2. Clean up the sealing surface

3. Smooth the filter cloth

4. Replace the filter plates

5. Adjust it

Question 2:  Turbid Filtrate


  1. Breakage of the filter cloth of filter press.2. Wrong selection of the filter cloth

  2. Holes on the filter cloth is too big

  3. Suture opening

  4. Big stitch distance 


1. Check and replace the filter cloth on the filter plate

2. Hold a test then select the filter cloth again

3. Replace with proper filter cloth for filter press

4. Re-sew the suture

5. Sew the filter cloth again with a proper stitch distance

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