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Common Problems During The Use of Slurry Plunger Pumps

Nov 19,2021

1. Why the ceramic plunger pump can't be pressurized?

Generally speaking, the ceramic plunger mud pump can't add pressure, it may be the pump contains foreign objects.

2. Why is the pressure of the sewage slurry mud pump unstable?

At the beginning there is no problem happened. But the pressure is abnormal after 2 hours In this case, check if the oil level is too low or not, If the oil level is too low, it will cause problems. The insufficient oil supply will let oil pump pressure unstable. If the oil pressure is normal, check whether the pressure switch is good.

sludge pump.jpg

3. Why does the ceramic plunger of the hydraulic sludge pump sometimes burst?

The reasons may be the following:

(1) The plunger rod compression nut is loose

(2) The water seal is too tight

(3) There is no cooling water for ceramic plungers which causes the plunger temperature to exceed 80°C and burst.

4. Why motor is overheated and tripped?

(1) The oil pressure is too high, and the pump becomes stuffy after overload

(2) The spool of the relief valve is stuck and the center oil hole of the spool is blocked or the damping hole of the relief valve is blocked, causing overpressure and no overflow

(3) The pump outlet check valve is installed reversely or the valve core is stuck and the pump is stuffy

5. What should I do if the slurry transfer pump motor rotates incorrectly?

(1) The electrical wiring is incorrectly connected, correct the electrical wiring

(2) The upward rotation arrow of the pump body is wrong, correct the upward rotation arrow of the pump body

6. The pump noise is loud and the suction phenomenon is serious.

(1) The oil filter is partially blocked, and the oil suction resistance is large

(2) The suction pipe is closer to the oil surface

(3) The oil suction position is too high or the oil tank level is too low

(4) The pump and suction pipe are not tightly sealed

(5) The viscosity of the oil is too high

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