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How Filter Chambers Work

Dec 10,2021

How Filter Chambers Work


The high filter press efficiency  is mainly the combination of the slurry transfer pump and the pp filter plate.


The van-type disc filter press consists of many accessories, but the golden combination of the filter press feed pump and the filter plate which can improve the filter press effect.


The filter plates are combined in the same way to form the filter chambers of the chamber filter press. This space is used to lay the filter cloth. Temporarily existing solids exist in the space, and the edges are reserved to support and fix the filter cloth to prevent the filter cloth from moving.


There are countless blind spots at the bottom of the filter plate, which can be small squares or small squares, evenly distributed on the filter plate. Its purpose is to increase the friction between the solid and the filter plate after the filter cloth intercepts the solid, so that the formed filter cake is more uniform. At the same time, the gaps between the particles also provide a good flow path for the water dialysis through the filter cloth, so that the water can be better discharged from the equipment.

At the bottom of the filter plate of the chamber disc filter press, you can also see holes (usually between 2 and 3). The purpose of these holes is to collect the water that penetrates from the filter cloth around the holes and connect externally through it to facilitate the filtrate. Can be discharged to the outside of the device.

For larger filter plates, there will be a certain number of bosses (generally less than four) at the bottom of the depression parts. These bosses are as high as the edge of the filter plate. Their purpose is to prevent the filter press from working. , The use of a strong pressure filter plate is damage.

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