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How to maintain ceramic slip pump (Part 2)

Jul 28,2020

How to maintain ceramic slip pump


3. The slurry pressure of mud pump is fluctuating largely.


(1) Single oil tank doesn’t have enough  pressure

(2) Air tank has not enough gas

(3) There is much deposition below the  air tank of filter press feed pump, let the air volume become small.


(1) check and replace,or replace the seal ring

(2) stop the pump , then open the valve of sewage mud pump below the air tank to let out the slurry and let the air in.

(3)unload the joint of pressure watch on the air tank and water-wash the air tank 


4. The hydraulic system is quickly frayed when using


(1) Oil is too dirty

(2) Oil filter is invalidated or falls off.

(3) Oil viscosity is small

(4) Oil temperature is high (Cooling water is not enough, the cooling water tube is foul, or the cooling machine is foul)


(1) replace the oil

(2) check and maintain or replace

(3) replace other model oil

(4) increase the cooling water and water-wash the tube, or change the cooling   water .


5. The ceramic piston of hydraulic mud pump cracks.


(1) Bolts on the ceramic piston loosen and collides with each other

(2) Seal ring is pressing too tightly; no cooling water goes through; the piston heats and cracks when suddenly contacts the cold.


(1) replace the ceramic piston of the sludge pump

(2) replace the ceramic piston, the junk ring should not be pressed too tight.

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