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Circular Plate Chamber Filter Press Introduction

May 28, 2020

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     Nanxing Circular plate chamber filter press is a kind of mechanical equipment using filter plate and filter cloth, with the high working pressure to the object to separate liquid out from the slurry. Nowadays, the chamber filter press is popular and stable liquid separation equipment, applied in many separation industries.

Filter Press Parts & Working Principle Introduction

1. Filter Part

The two crossbeams with square Section, their two endings are fastened on the two sides of thrust plate and hydraulic cylinder seat to form the structure. There are pressing plate and filter plates with filter cloth, which are placed between the two crossbeams, in the order to form chambers.

2. Pressing Part

Working by oil tank,the piston rod will push the pressing plate, pressing filter plates to form airtight chambers. It could prevent the slurry from spurting and leakage when sending the slurry with pressure.

Working procedure of the pressing part:

  •      Starting the filter press, then the oil pump will work. The piston rod will push the pressing plate to press the filter plates to form airtight chambers.

  •  The oil pump will stop automatically when forming the chambers, then start the hydraulic piston pump to absorb the slurry and sending the slurry to filter press.

  • After finishing sending the slurry and dewatering, press the “returning” button to loosen the fillter plates, then unload the filtered cake.

3. Hydraulic Part

Consists of oil box, motor, oil pump, electromagnetic valve, Non-return valve, over-flow valve, pressure gauge, oil tank and pipeline.

4. Other Optional Device

The filter press could be with automatic plates opening device and automatic water collector. What is more, the fast opening device could also match with shaking device for filtered cakes automatically discharging.

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