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China's Container Production Expanding

Dec 07, 2020

China's Container Production Expanding

Because of Covid-19, international logistics capacity decline greatly, the price of container shipping has skyrocketed. A few days ago,China’s Ministry of Commerce spokesperson Gao Feng said recently that the mismatch between supply and demand of capacity is the direct cause of the increase in freight rates. They will continue to work with relevant departments on the basis of preliminary work, promote the increase of transportation capacity, support the acceleration of container return transportation, improve operational efficiency, support container manufacturers to expand production capacity, and at the same time increase market supervision, strive to stabilize market prices, and provide strong logistics support for the stable development of foreign trade.

In a word, In the short term, lack of boxes is still a problem.

It also greatly effect our filter press, filter plates, ceramic piston pump and relative accessories export, it greatly increased our foreign customers' import cost, hope ocean freight could keep stable soon.

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