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Current Filter Press and Undercurrent Filter Press Usage

Feb 21, 2022

Current Filter Press and Undercurrent Filter Press Usage

In general filter presses, open-flow drainage is used, so we are familiar with chamber filter presses or diaphragm filter presses with open-flow drainage. We see such filter presses, when the filtrate passes through the filter chamber Then directly through the drainage pipe under the filter plate, and directly outside the equipment through the faucet. 

The undercurrent filter press equipment is designed to collect the filtrate under the faucet, and the filtered design is collected through the pipeline. The conventional method is to connect the faucet under the filter plate of the filter press to a sealed hose, and a larger pipe connected to all the hoses is designed under the hose, so that the liquid can be well protected.  Undercurrent filter press is generally suitable for toxic, odorous, volatile and flammable materials.

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