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How to Install Filter Cloth On Filter Plates

Aug 03, 2020

 Filter Cloth Installation

    The filter cloth may shrink or distorts when using due to change of temperatures, pressures and textile methods, influencing the filter press filter result. Due to the uneven quality of filter cloth on the market, it’s suggested to purchase filter cloth from the original supplier. If the user selects the filter cloth model independently or produces the filter cloth himself, which lead to un-installation of filter cloth or bad filter result or even no filter result, he himself takes the responsibility.

How to Install Filter Cloth On Filter Plates


1. When installing the filter cloth bag, roll up one cloth sheet in direction cloth collar from two sides, fold up the two rolled up parts to the centre, pass them through the feeding hole of the filter plate, unroll them on the other side and bind the two cloth sheets together by means of bands. (Refer to Figure e: installation diagram of filter cloth bag)



2. Attentions during installation

The filter cloth should be wrapped on the filter plate smoothly when binding.

Take care to distinguish the filter cloth for recessed plate and membrane plate if membrane filter press model.

3.  Attentions during use


The withholding performance of filter cloth might get inclined due to blocking by the materials after a time of use. The user needs washing and regenerating them regularly. If the wash result is not satisfactory and the filter cloth becomes stiffen, it should be soaked (normally 24 hours) by low density light acid or light alkaline liquid to neutralize it and recover its performance. If still can not work well, the filter cloth should be changed to new ones.

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