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Attentions During Filter Press Operation (Part 1)

Aug 08, 2020

Attentions During Filter Press Operation (Part 1)


●During machine trial operation, make sure the hydraulic oil is filled according to this manual. Otherwise the unfilled oil cylinder will cause abnormal operation of the hydraulic power unit, or even the damage to the hydraulic pump.

●Replace hydraulic oil regularly according to this manual and clean hydraulic valve and pump timely, or the normal working condition of the hydraulic power unit will be hindered.

●Filtration pressure should not exceed the normal filtration pressure of the PP filter press, or it will cause breakage of the PP filter plates.

●The “filtration pressure” on the label refers to the testing experiment pressure. During usage, due to the property of the material, the actual bearing filtration pressure may be lower than the “filtration pressure”. Users must do sufficient experiments, then confirm the parameters, NANXING is not responsible for the damage of the equipment and liability for loss caused by it.

●Personnel without training for hydraulic filter press operation and system maintenance should not open the electrical control cabinet to connect the wires alone, or wrong connection of the wires may lead to error action of the filter press.

●Shut off main electric power supply switch of the PP filter press during maintenance.

●The remained filter cake on the sealing surface should be cleaned away before a new filtering cycle, otherwise, the side bars may distort, the filter plates break, and filtrate leak, all of which are not within the “Three Guarantees”.

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