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Hydraulic Oil For Filter Press

Aug 15, 2020

Hydraulic Oil For Filter Press

Hydraulic oil



Working Temperature

Anti-wear hydraulic oil



Low-temperature hydraulic oil

L-HV(S)32 (46)



1. The manufacturer of filter press dose not supplies the hydraulic oil. User provides it himself and make sure it’s cleaned.

2. The hydraulic oil of chamber filter press should be used under the corresponding temperature, if the temperature is too low the viscosity will ascend, if the temperature is too high, the viscosity of the hydraulic oil will descent.

3. Ways of adding the hydraulic oil of hydraulic filter press and the volume

       When adding the oil, please use the oil filter vehicle to add the clean hydraulic oil

from the air cleaner. For the oil tank is limited, the oil will overflow by one-time adding. Please do it by following steps: when the filter press is not under operation, first: add the elementary oil, then open the press, when closing, add the oil for the second time. For different models, the cylinder diameter, the stroke are different and the oil tank volume are also different, please noted.

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