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Analysis of Filter Press and Ceramic Piston Pump

Sep 26, 2020

 Analysis of Filter Press and Ceramic Piston Pump

       The raw material of filter press and ceramic piston pump production and manufacture relates to alumina ceramic, cast iron, excellent carbon steel, polyethylene raw material, steel and so on. The necessary Standard Component is related to motor, electrical components, hydraulic components, screw, belt and other spare parts.

       After the industrialization of this project, it could forms the scale of the industry and promote the interactive development of the relative Industry Chain ,such as metallurgy, Hardware, Electromechanical equipment, Electrical equipment, hydraulic components, polymers chemical material.


     On the premise of reducing cost and good quality, Nanxing company will have first refusal of buying the ceramic plunger pump and hydraulic filter press of production, detection and raw subsidiary material and look for the processing workshop, which will lead to the development of the relative industry in local place.

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