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Filter Press Development

Sep 15, 2020

Filter Press development


Instead of the pump with the traditional mechanical driven two cylinders, now Nanxing adopt the oil hydraulic driven cylinders; the pressing the filter plates system turned the traditional mechanical driven to hydraulic driven and could be matain the pressure automatically. The material of filter plate has changed the heavy cast iron filter plates to the pp filter plate material which is light, source saving, stainless, non-toxic.


In a word, filter press machine becomes more and more suitable for the customers needs. It gradually develops into light and compact structure, durable, easy operation and maintain, large filter area, high dewatering efficiency, low usage cost, and low moisture content.


Through Autonomous Innovation, adopting the hydraulic pressure driven two cylinders to generate double actions, with special locking device of filter cloth, Nanxing filter press is one kind of practical innovation technology, which accords with the present development of filter press.

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