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Stone Wastewater Treatment

Oct 12, 2020

Stone Wastewater Treatment  

Step 1:

Adding medicine to PE motor mixer for stone wastewater easily precipitation.

Water Mixing Tank

Step 2:

Use vibration screen machine for sand filter, after sand filtered out, the slurry will be more easily filtered.

Granite Sewage Vibration Screen

Step 3

Using cast steel filter press and high pressure piston pump for solid liquid separation.

There is a pool for the slurry, using the ceramic piston pump to transport the slurry to filter press, the clean water will be collected by the yellow drip span of filter press, and come back to the pool from the tube.

After the filtration, stop the machines, move the yellow drip span, let the filtered cake directly go down to the car, then finish a cycle.

 Ceramic Piston Pump

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