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Filter Press Usage Attention

May 28, 2020

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Don’t put the hydraulic filter press outside of the house:

1. Adding the hydraulic oil (46#) to the oil box and gear box.

2. Connecting the electric wire and oil tubes, match with the same number.

3. The operator should spread the lubricant on the chain.

4. Confirming the electric motor rotating in the correct direction.

5. Before the usage, testing the chamber filter press for several times to make sure that the gear box full of hydraulic oil.

6. Before delivering the machine, we have fixed the working pressure, so don’t adjust the working pressure if no necessary. If necessary, please make sure that the maxi pressure (red line) of the gauge (13Mpa) should be lower than the hydraulic system maxi pressure (black line) ( 17Mpa). The mini pressure of gauge (green needle) is 10Mpa. If the gauge maxi pressure (red line) more than the system pressure, the motor will start up and working all the time, then the motor will be broken if nobody find this problem.

7. Please noted if the shifter could not advance or stop, it’s because the sensor is not facing the gear,it should be put facing the gear part, so it could control the shifter to advance or stop.

8. The stainless steel tube is an emergency stop for the plate shifter, just pull and release could control the shifter stop or work again. This design is for checking shifter or for worker have enough time for discharging the filtered cakes.

9. In the shifter device, the screws should be locked in the suitable tightness, so it could work normally. Too tight, it could not be up to shift the plates.

10. During the testing for returning, there will be some noise, it’s the reason that filter plates have no slurry full or the oil cylinder has air.


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