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Filter Press and Piston Pump Usage Testing

May 28, 2020

1. Confirm whether all the plate filter press and ceramic plunger pump has been added hydraulic oil, whether all the electricity are connected (please noted that the electricity is 380V, three phase), whether all the tube is tightened.

2. Please be carefull when check the electricity.

3. Install the overtravel-limit switch for the plate filter press

4. Start the filter press machine, check whether the pressure of filter press could reach 15Mpa, the green line should be 10Mpa, the red line should be 15Mpa. If the pressure could not reach 15Mpa, please use the over-flow valve to adjust the pressure.

5. If the working pressure is normal, please press the return button, check all the cloth, and promise they are in good condition, not be folded, and be smoothy.

6. If the cloth is in good condition, please press the start button, press the plates tightly.

7. Confirm all the valve is closed.

8. For the ceramic piston pump, please check whether the slurry input tube is working in good condition of airtightness. If this tube has no good air-tightness, the air will go in and affect the working pressure of pump, and let the pump could not transport the slurry.

9. Open the tap, let the water from the tap cooling the pistons all the time when the ceramic plunger pump is working, to protect the ceramic pistons.

10. For the first time to use the ceramic piston pump, you need to open the two valves which are below the air tank, to remove the air in the pump, so the pump could transport the slurry quickly and easily.

11. After checking all the valve of sludge pump is closed, start up the sludge pump to transport the slurry.

12. If you find that no water be filtered out, but the ceramic plunger pump is still working, this is may the reason that the ceramic piston pump could not absorbe the slurry. In this situation, please stop the ceramic plunger pump, to check the valve boxs whether there is any big particles to stop the rubber balls.

13. The slurry input tube should be the soft tube, so that they could be easily moved anytime and anywhere. We also recommend the woker to tie a thread on the tail of this tube, which will be conveniently for them to move the tube to promise that the tube is in the right place of slurry.

14.  For the filtration, the water filtered out will be relative uncleaning, but this is normal phenomenon, this is may be caused by the folded cloth, or may be caused by the plastic bolts which is not tightened well.

15. How to confimed that the filtration is finished:  A. check whether the working pressure of pump is reach 1.5 Mpa.  B. check whether the two ceramic pistons are woking slowly.

16. If confiming that the filtration is finished, please stop the electricity, open the valve of slurry input tube to remove the pressure. After removing the pressure, please press the return the button and unload the filtered cakes.

17.  After finished the unloading, after checking all the valves are closed tightly, then you could start the new filtration.



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