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What is slurry piston pump?

Aug 31, 2020

What is slurry piston pump?

YB series ceramic piston pump have been studied for transporting thick slurry to the filter press or spray-driers. The ceramic plunger pump is formed by: two pistons, run by two hydraulic cylinders; suction and delivery valves which can be easily disassembled for rapid inspection or for cleaning the pump; an air accumulator; a control pressure gauge; a valve to adjust the working pressure at any value (within the fixed limits), and a safty valve(Referring to Map2). The pistons are coated with sintered alumina (This special coating guarantees long life and resistance to the high abrasive action of the liquids) and equipped with gaskets made of special wear resistant material with a low coefficient of friction.


Slurry piston pump runs stable, and has low noise, high pressure, low pressure fluctuation, small size, light weight, convenient operation and maintain, installation, long life span and so on .


Mud plunger pump is mainly applicable in transfer slurry to various kinds of spray-driers, also in long distance supplying slurry, clean(dirty) water and coal slurry (or other suspensions) to filter press.


Presently, YB series oil pressure piston slurry pump has five model:

YB85, YB120, YB140, YB200, YB250, YB-300, the flux is 3m³/h ~40m³/h, the pressure is 0-2.0Mpa.


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